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How Paralegal Can Help


A paralegal can represent your legal interests and help prepare legal documents the same way a lawyer can.


Paralegals are licensed and regulated by Law Society and are required to carry insurance and meet standards of professional competency each year.


Many legal claims do not require complicated procedures but it is still safer to use a trained professional paralegal to complete tricky forms and write legal claims.


Paralegal fees are affordable for most people, so choosing a paralegal is a smart choice. In many cases, the paralegal will be able to offer a flat fee to finish the case which means no hourly billing for correspondences and tasks of administrative nature.


Simplified rules and procedures may create the impression that the person is capable of doing their case on their own, but in fact, there are many times where people lost their case because they did not seek professional paralegal.

Practice Areas

Breach Of Contract, Negligence, Damages, Goods Not Delivered, Services Not Delivered, Warranties, Insurance, Condominium, Storage, Vehicle, Injury/Dog Bite/Medical, Wrongful Dismissal, Renovations Disputes, Unpaid Fees, Privacy, Property, Gifts, Defects, Travel, Rent, Tenant, Tenancy, Occupants, Landlord, Termination, Noise, Parking, Driving, Consumers, Garnishment, Writs, Liens.