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Paralegals are trained professionals who are valuable in various legal matters, including preparing legal documents and attending at court similar to a lawyer.


Paralegals are licensed and regulated by Law Society and are required to carry insurance and meet standards of professional competency each year.

Paralegals play a crucial role in the legal system, providing essential support to lawyers and clients alike. They are held to high standards of professional competency and are required to carry insurance to ensure the protection of their clients.


Many legal claims can be straightforward, but it is always best to seek the assistance of a skilled paralegal to ensure that all necessary forms are completed correctly and legal claims are written effectively. While some procedures may not be overly complicated, the expertise of a trained professional paralegal can provide peace of mind and help to avoid potential errors or oversights that could impact the outcome of a case.


Paralegal fees are affordable for most people, so choosing a paralegal is a smart choice. In many cases, the paralegal will be able to offer a flat fee to finish the case which means no hourly billing for correspondences and tasks of administrative nature.

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Practice Areas

Contracts, Negligence, Damages, Consumer Protections, Warranties, Insurance, Condominium, Storage/Bailment, Wrongful Dismissal, Collections, Tenancy, Garnishment, Writs, Liens, Notary Public, Documents, Consultations.