I look forward to helping you with your inquiry.

In order to help you, kindly provide the name and address of the other party. I will conduct a conflict check (in case my company has provided legal services to this party) In the unlikely event there is a conflict, I will need to obtain consent before engaging you.

What outcome do you wish to achieve by taking a legal avenue?

I have the following options to assist you.

Option 1

I am the undersigned for you in court. A trust is created where legal fees and expenses are paid from. Additional deposits may be required. Non refundable $250 must be kept in trust at all times. All legal work performed is billed at $150 hourly plus hst. Each month that your matter continues, a flat rate of $100 is billed as trust maintenance until the matter concludes.

Option 2

You are the undersigned in court. You are responsible for communication and meeting requirements of the court. I am available on 'as need be basis', each time you request my help payment of at least $1 has to be made via my PayPal link. paypal.me/eugendenchik

Option 3

A flat fee of $500 (non refundable) is paid via e-transfer to paralegal@ratesandadvice.com
The payment of this fee covers unlimited consultation (email, phone, virtual consultation only) for the entire duration of your case.

Please let me know what you intend to do

Why summary legal advice is important.

Every legal situation could have unforeseen consequences. Summary legal advice can eliminate or reduce liability, save costs or otherwise aid in legal process.

When to get summary legal advice.

Summary legal advice can help you decide and make your next move.

How to get summary legal advice.

1) Make a donation of at least $1.

2) Contact me.

How much to donate.

Make a donation of at least $1. You can donate more based on satisfaction with the service.

What is summary legal advice.

A review of the legal circumstances, desired legal outcomes and available options.

Why summary legal advice can be difficult to obtain.

Most content that exists is designed for marketing or promoting the sale of legal services.

Any government programs designed to provide legal services, such as probono or legal aid are often limited in scope, contain exclusions and lack accessible delivery.

What your donation does.

By donating any amount that is at least $1 or greater, a licensed and insured legal service provider, knowledgeable in various aspects of court and tribunal proceedings in Ontario can work with you directly, without the need for a large retainer deposit and hourly billings.

How Paralegal Can Help


A paralegal can represent your legal interests and help prepare legal documents the same way a lawyer can.


Paralegals are licensed and regulated by Law Society and are required to carry insurance and meet standards of professional competency each year.


Many legal claims do not require complicated procedures but it is still safer to use a trained professional paralegal to complete tricky forms and write legal claims.


Paralegal fees are affordable for most people, so choosing a paralegal is a smart choice. In many cases, the paralegal will be able to offer a flat fee to finish the case which means no hourly billing for correspondences and tasks of administrative nature.


Simplified rules and procedures may create the impression that the person is capable of doing their case on their own, but in fact, there are many times where people lost their case because they did not seek professional paralegal.

Legal Services

Drafting of legal documents (statement of claim, defence, motion, agreement)

Attendance at hearings (trials, settlement conference, motions)

Commissioning of Oaths, Notary


Practice Areas

Breach Of Contract, Negligence, Real Estate Transaction, Damages, Goods Not Delivered, Services Not Delivered, Warranties, Insurance, Condominium, Storage, Vehicle, Injury/Dog Bite/Medical, Wrongful Dismissal, Renovations Disputes, Unpaid Fees, Privacy, Property, Gifts, Defects, Travel, Rent, Tenant, Tenancy, Occupants, Landlord, Termination, Noise, Parking, Driving, Consumers, Garnishment, Writs, Liens.





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